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A letter to International Students at Chongqing Medical University


Dear students,

Coming from all over the world with the same hope to Chongqing Medical University, you live in Chongqing where is a second homeland for you.

Since the coronavirus has recently appeared on our beautiful campus, our students have gotten nucleic acid tests and have moved their studies online in an orderly manner. We are touched by your actions when we see how you support the school, taking care of yourself, and moving out to the new dormitory. We see a future doctor in you.

To return to our harmonious and peaceful campus life, the university sincerely needs your understanding and cooperation in fighting against the virus. We can do it together, shoulder to shoulder.

For those who are currently in China, we hope you:

I. Become a protector of the campus

Based on the requirements from the city of Chongqing for overall virus containment, our campus has been closed to outsiders.

Do not take virus prevention lightly. Follow the instructions from our university, protect the health of yourself and safety of the campus.

II. Become a practitioner of a science-based healthy lifestyle

Manage your health and take your temperature every day. If you have symptoms, such as fever or coughing, report to your teacher ASAP;

Practice proper hygiene by: Washing hands properly, disinfecting regularly, ensuring proper ventilation in your room, doing regular physical exercise to boost your immunity and reduce your risk of infection.

III. Become a self-motivated learner

Please comply with the school's online teaching arrangements. At this time we ask you to adjust your learning attitude, and develop and maintain sound routines

Under the guidance of your teachers, keep an eye on time management, and complete home learning tasks on time. Avoid procrastination.

IV. Become a beacon of positivity

Be optimistic and stay calm.

Remember your scientific reasoning. Do not panic. Do not spread rumors or believe the rumors you hear. Take the lead in rejecting inappropriate remarks, and instead actively disseminate positive anti-epidemic energy. Do not be overly nervous and anxious.Practice habits that help you deal with those anxieties, and strengthen your confidence that we will get through this.

If you have any psychological difficulties or mental health issues, contact your teachers for help. You may also call the psychological consultation hotline for international students in China: (+86) 1067440033 or (+86) 4009678920.

Please believe that the university will do its best to protect the life, health and safety of every faculty member, student and employee. Let us fight the pandemic together and return to a normal and happy campus life as soon as possible.

We hope that students who are currently overseas will:

I. Pay attention to your own safety and take measures to protect yourself.

II. Do not return to the school before receiving the official notice from the school.

III. Stay in close contact with the school, and keep your information updated over time.

IV. Take online classes seriously and complete learning tasks on time, according to your teachers' instructions.

V. Do not believe or spread rumors. Use critical thinking when evaluating new information, and actively spread the positive energy of the anti-epidemic message.

Together, we can meet the future with a good attitude and a healthy body.

Best wishes,

International Team

Office of the Leading Group of Coronavirus Containment

Chongqing Medical University