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"M9 Collaboration" was founded for international education jointly by nine major medical universities in China


On July 9th, CQMU, as the proposer, along with eight other medical universities in China, initiated and established M9 Collaboration, namely the collaboration network for international cooperation in medical education. It aims to promote international cooperation and exchanges, develop medical education, and cultivate medical talents with global competitiveness. The members of M9 Collaboration include Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, China Medical University, Harbin Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University, Anhui Medical University, Southern Medical University, and Chongqing Medical University. Initiation ceremony of M9 collaboration was held in the morning at the same day, and a symposium held afterward to exchange ideas between member universities on international medical education.

M9 collaboration will integrate high-quality educational resources of its members, develop complementary cooperation between each other, and jointly propel the development of international medical education.