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CQMU's First CSC International Joint Training Program for Innovative Talents


Chongqing Medical University (CQMU)s “Sino-French Joint Training Program for Medical Elitesis listed in the 2022 China Scholarship Council (CSC) International Joint Training Program for Innovative Talents.

CQMU collaborates with the University of Strasbourg in France to jointly train top medical talents. With the aim of improving the clinical medicine education, the program is formulated to send outstanding masters and PhDs and young visiting scholars to University of Strasbourg for joint training, clinical clerkship and scientific research collaboration, so as to broaden international horizon and develop academic potential. This program is committed to the cultivation of high-level and full-developed medical professionals in the field of clinical medicine with global vision, leading expertise, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and sci-tech innovation ability for China, thus building a strong faculty team in medical fields and promoting the disciplinary development of CQMU.

CQMU has been in cooperation with French medical institutions since 1994. In 2006, CQMU and University of Strasbourg signed a joint collaboration agreement to develop the long-term cooperation on all fronts, including joint training of students, faculty exchange and scientific research collaboration. CQMU has full support from both Chinese and French governments over a decade to promote the collaboration in medicine, and five French Ambassadors to China have visited CQMU. So far, the Sino-French medical cooperation between CQMU and University of Strasbourg have made enormous achievements, developing a team of excellent professionals competent in cross-cultural communication, discipline innovation and frontier technology in clinical medicine for CQMU and Chongqing at large and also promoting the cultural exchange between China and France.

CQMU students in clinical clerkship in the affiliated hospital of University of Strasbourg

Students from University of Strasbourg in clinical clerkship and cultural experience at CQMU

The First Affiliated Hospital of CQMU has held nine sessions of Sino-Frence International Breast Cancer Forum since 2004, and ten sessions of Sino-Frence Workshop of Breast Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery since 2011.

French Ambassador to China visited CQMU in 2016.