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    CQMU’s Clinical Medicine Discipline Among the Top 1‰ of ESI Global Rankings


    On 9th March, Clarivate Analytics released the latest ESI data, which showed that CQMU’s clinical medicine discipline has entered the top 1‰ of ESI global rankings. This breakthrough achievement is a significant milestone for Chongqing’s clinical medicine discipline.

    CQMU’s clinical medicine discipline includes four state key disciplines: Internal Medicine (Infectious Diseases), Pediatrics, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, and Neurology. It is considered a first-class discipline and is key discipline in Chongqing, which has achieved excellent results in the disciplinary assessment conducted by the Minstry of Education of China. This discipline has the largest clinical laboratory diagnostics and pediatrics talent training base in China, having trained nearly 50% of the nation’s pediatricians in the past fifteen years. Additionally, its pioneering “dual-track integration” of clinical medicine master’s degree programmes and standardized residency training has had a significant impact nationwide.

    ESI is an analytical database that is based on more than 11,000 academic journals and over 10 million literatures included in the ISI Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI). It is an analytical evaluation tool that is used for measuring university research performance and tracking scientific development trends. ESI is also an important reference for judging the development level of disciplines worldwide.

    CQMU currently has 9 disciplines among the top 1% of ESI global rankings, including Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Neuroscience and Behavior, Biology and Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Social Sciences.

    The recent inclusion of CQMU’s clinical medicine discipline in the top 1‰ of ESI global rankings demonstrates that CQMU’s research output and influence continue to improve, and that the development of first-class clinical medicine disciplines has reached a new level.