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    A Delegation from the University of Leicester Visited Chongqing Medical University


    Dr. Shameq Sayeed, Director of the Joint Education Programme of the University of Leicester, and Dr. Keith Luo, the project supervisor, embarked on a visit to CQMU from March 6 to 14,. Both sides conducted in-depth and comprehensive exchanges in joint project management and further cooperation, practices and quality control of teaching, support for students and cultural exchange.

    Professor Deng Shixiong, Vice President of CQMU and Dean of the International Medical College, Professor Tian Jie, Vice President of CQMU, and people from administration offices and Colleges of CQMU held talks with the delegation the integration of educational resources, quality of the Joint Education Programme, educational and research cooperations, and exchanges and visits between the two universities. The importance of deepening the strategic partnership between Chongqing and Leicester in education has been reiterated and the course reaffirmed.

    As the head of the programme on Leicester’s side, Dr. Sayeed conducted a field study of the programme from multiple aspects, including teaching infrastructure, teaching quality and practices, and the learning experience of students. Dr.Sayeed and Dr.Luotalked with CQMU’s administrators, supervisors and faculty representatives about a monitoring platform for teaching quality, the integrationof teaching teams, and upgrading teaching strategies and approaches. Dr. Sayeed observed lectures on courses introduced from Leicester such asIntroduction to Scientific Methodology (ItSM), Population and Social Science (PASS), Anatomy of the Head and Neck Nerves (HNN), Integration of Clinical Application (ICA), and Musculoskeletal System (MSK), as well as group work sessions and anatomy classes.

    The International Medical College orchestrated meetings with and presentations by University of Leicester. Through face-to-face conversations and live streaming with Leicester administrators and course leaders, Chinese students got a full picture of Leicester’s medical education system, scholarship provision, and student life in the UK. Parents were invited to these sessions.

    Dr. Sayeed and Dr. Luo visited several intelligent teaching and research platforms, including smart classrooms, library, Laboratory management centre, Clinical Skill Laboratory Teaching Centre, Students’ Mental Health Education and Counselling Centre, International Extracorporeal Diagnostic Research Institute, and Brain Science and Brain Disease Research Institute. They were invited to join the students in activities like the traditional lantern festival, which allowed them to gain insight into the students’ cultural and extracurricular life. They also visited the University Town Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital and its First Branch Hospital to learn about hospitals affiliated to CQMU.

    This is the first visit between two universities since the establishment of the joint educational programme. This exchange is believed to have improved mutual understanding and have augmented confidence in partnership, marking a new phase of higher efficacy and transparency. This year the two universities plan to implement a series of exchanges and visits to deepen inter-university teaching and research cooperation. We aim to build a mutually beneficial and sustainable strategic partnership through resource sharing and mutual promotion.