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    Focus on HIGHER EDUCATION EXPO CHINA | Digital Forum on Medical Education Opens in Chongqing to Explore New Trends in Medical Education Digitalisation


    On April 8, 2023. the digital materials for integrated medical courses were launched at the 58th - 59th HIGHER EDUCATION EXPO CHINA Digital Forum which was held in Chongqing.

    This set of digital textbooks was created by the education team of Chongqing Medical University's Medical Integration Course. Vice President of CQMU Prof. DENG Shixiong acted as the chief editor, with the books being organized under the leadership of CQMU's Academic Affairs Office and written by more than 300 front-line teachers with extensive teaching and clinical experience across the university. There are 12 sub-volumes, such as "Overview of the Human Body", "Molecular and Cellular", "Diseases of the Respiratory System", "Diseases of the Circulatory System", and "Diseases of the Motor System". In June of 2022, this set of teaching materials was officially launched on the "Human Health Teaching Assistant Platform" and has been fully applied in the school's organ system integration course teaching reform.

    Vice President DENG Shixiong introduced that the textbook adheres to the concept of seeing "organ systems as the main line, diseases as the center, clinical thinking path as the guide, and basic clinical teaching integration". This is based on full consultation with relevant teachers and students, holding the syllabus as the center, the training of students' clinical thinking and clinical ability as the anchor point with special attention paid to the introduction and export of typical disease cases, insistance on the combination of medicine and humanities, focus on the construction of curriculum civics, and fully reflecting medical ethics education.

    The work is published in the form of a digital textbook, breaking the limitations of paper textbooks by adding visual pictures, videos, 3D models and other media resources. It integrates traditional paper content with digital resources and Internet platforms, thereby realizing the organic integration of information technology and teaching methods, teaching content and teaching management.

    On April 9, 2023, CQMU also hosted a forum on the construction and development of experimental teaching centers. With the theme of experimental teaching center construction and development, the forum focused on laboratory intelligence construction, experimental education reforms, and innovative talent cultivation. The aim of this forum was to build an important bridge for government, universities, and enterprises to collaborate and innovate as well as to build intelligent laboratories together. It also promoted representatives from all walks of life to discuss and share in depth around the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, and intelligent construction of experimental teaching centers.