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    The 10th Annual “CQMU Study and Culture Tour” Has Been Successfully Held


    From July 9th to the 22nd, the two-week “CQMU Study & Culture Tour”, which was organized by the Foreign Affairs Office and the College of International Education at Chongqing Medical University, was held and concluded successfully. A total of 20 exchange students from the University of Alberta in Canada, the University of Strasbourg in France, the University of Antwerp in Belgium, Medical University of Pleven in Bulgaria, and Swansea University in UK, together with student volunteers from CQMU, participated in medical professional courses and Chinese cultural courses during their Study & Culture Tour.


    Based on the characteristics of the medical specialty and the discipline strength of CQMU, this tour introduced five innovative “Medical Course Packages” for exchange students, including Metabolomics Laboratory courses organized by the Joint International Research Laboratory of Reproduction and Development, Traditional Chinese Medicine courses organized by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation courses organized by the Second Clinical College, Pediatrics courses organized by the College of Pediatrics, and Stomatological courses organized by the College of Stomatology. Through these medical courses, exchange students gained firsthand experience of what it’s like to study at CQMU, and expressed great admiration for the academic excellence and innovative development in medical education here at CQMU.



    During this tour, the exchange students visited CQMU Jinyun Campus, the Chongqing Human Life and Health Museum, the National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine, and the First Affiliated Hospital of CQMU. They were impressed by the latest scientific research achievements of CQMU in the field of focused ultrasound, as well as the advanced experience in the development of clinical medicine disciplines.


    Moreover, the exchange students experienced traditional Chinese arts, including calligraphy, fan painting, and Tai Chi, which helped them to better understand and appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese culture. They visited the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery, the Chongqing Forbidden City Cultural Relics Museum, the Dazu Rock Carvings, and other cultural exhibition halls and historical sites which have left a profound impression on the historical and cultural heritage of Chongqing. They strolled through streets of Ciqikou Ancient Town, enjoyed a beautiful night tour along Nanbin Road overlooking the city, tasted Chongqing’s famous spicy hotpot, and participated in the “Chinese Family Day” event. All of these activities provided them with a comprehensive and immersive experience of the local life in Chongqing, as well as exposing them to the unique customs and traditions of the Ba-Yu region.


    At the graduation ceremony, Prof. TIAN Jie, the Vice President of CQMU, and Ms. WANG Yu, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office and Dean of the College of International Education of CQMU, awarded certificates of completion to the exchange students and awarded the student volunteers with volunteers certificates. Afterwards, Chinese and foreign students shared their recent accomplishments and learning insights, expressing sincere gratitude to CQMU. At the farewell party, the exchange students performed a rendition of CQMU’s song, “My Jinyun, My Dream,” which they had learned during the opening ceremony. The revised version of the song, titled “Xie Xie Song” or “Thank You Song”, genuinely conveyed their appreciation towards all the faculty and students from CQMU who participated in this event. The graduation ceremony came to a close with this touching performance.



    The “CQMU Study and Culture Tour” has been successfully held for 10 years, since 2011. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the event, a brand-new programme called the “Medical Course Package” has been introduced this year. This programme provides faculty members and students from partner universities, both domestic and abroad, with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of medical courses, cultural experiences, and visitation activities, for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the thriving progress of CQMU and the aspirant spirits of CQMU’s youth. Meanwhile, this tour serves as a platform for students at CQMU to engage with diverse cultures, broaden their global perspectives, promote cultural exchanges between China and other countries, strengthen friendships with partner universities both domestic and abroad, and create a new Chinese narrative in the global arena. Although many miles apart, we are all under the same sky. We sincerely look forward to welcoming more Chinese and international students to participate in our “CQMU Study and Culture Tour” in the future!