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    CQMU Delegation Led by TIAN Jie Visited Italy and France


    From November 25 to December 2, 2023, at the invitation of the University of Florence in Italy and the University of Strasbourg in France, Vice President of Chongqing Medical University, TIAN Jie, led a delegation to Italy and France.

    At the University of Florence, Prof. Tian talked with several key figures, including Giorgia Giovannetti, Vice President in charge of international relations; Prof. Francesco Annunziato, Dean of the Medical School; and Daniela Matarrese, General Director of the Careggi University Hospital Florence. Both sides talked about collaborative initiatives for joint medical student training. Both parties agreed on advancing clinical research cooperation, student exchange programmes, and teacher training projects.

    After the meeting, Prof. Tian and Vice President Giorgia Giovannetti jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), laying a solid foundation for further collaboration in the future. Prof. Tian presented a certificate appointing Prof. Lorenzo Corbetta from the Respiratory Department at the Careggi University Hospital Florence as an honorary professor of CQMU. The visiting delegation, accompanied by Prof. Corbetta, toured the Careggi University Hospital Florence and the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital, gaining in-depth insights into Italy's clinical medical education and healthcare system.

    At the University of Strasbourg, Prof. Tian visited various departments and met with representatives, including Christian Debry, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Anne Marineau, Director of the Institute Hospital-University (IHU); Pascal Bilbault, Head of Emergency Medicine; Olivier Morel, Director of the Catheterization Laboratory; Nadia Benkirane-Jessel, Director of the Regenerative Nano Medicine Laboratory, and Valérie Schini-Kerth, leader of the Therapeutic Pharmacology Research Team. The meetings and tours encompassed the Strasbourg University Hospital Research Institute, the Catheterization Laboratory, and the Regenerative NanoMedicine Laboratory. Discussions were held to enhance student and faculty exchanges and collaborative research and explore more areas of cooperation.

    The delegation met with eight postgraduate students from CQMU who are currently engaged in clinical internships and laboratory research projects at the University of Strasbourg. Prof. Tian actively participated in discussions with the students' French mentors to better understand their internship experiences and assess their progress in overseas studies.

    This visit has helped to strengthen our university's relationship with its partner institutions, promote mutual understanding, build new friendships, and expand collaboration across various dimensions.

    The University of Florence, a public comprehensive university in Italy, was founded in 1321 and is considered one of Italy's most significant modern higher education institutions. Since 2017, the First Affiliated Hospital of CQMU has been actively participating in academic exchanges with the University of Florence, with a particular focus on advancements in the field of respiratory medicine.

    The University of Strasbourg, recognised as one of the foremost universities in Europe, holds a prominent position among the top academic institutions globally. It is France's leading comprehensive university and the second-largest scientific research centre. In 2006, the University of Strasbourg established a cooperation agreement with our university, marking the commencement of the Sino-French Medical Exchange Programme. The programme is characterised by extensive collaboration, including long-term joint student training, reciprocal visits of research personnel, and international academic exchanges.