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    CQMU - University of Leicester Joint Institute Unveiled


    On June 25th, 2024, the unveiling ceremony of the CQMU-UoL Joint Institute of Chongqing Medical University, known hereafter as the "Joint Institute," was held at the Innovation Centre of CQMU. This institute represents a collaborative educational endeavour between Chongqing Medical University and the University of Leicester as part of the Sino-foreign educational cooperation.

    The unveiling ceremony was attended by notable figures, including Zhang Guozhi, Vice Mayor of Chongqing; Liu Yanbin, Director of the Municipal Education Commission; Anthony Preston, British Consul-General in Chongqing; Li Mingquan, Deputy Director of Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office, Lai Hansong, Deputy Director of the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Chongqing Police, Deng Rui, President of Chongqing International Education Exchange Association and Li Shiyu, its Secretary-General, Thompson Robinson, Vice President of the University of Leicester, and leadership of CQMU including Qin Zhengjie, Huang Ailong, Feng Yuelin, Yang Zhu, Tian Jie, Yu Yanxue, Qiu Jingfu, Ge Ping, and Li Huabing.

    Zhang Guozhi extended her heartfelt congratulations on the establishment of the Joint Institute, expressing her optimism and well-wishes for the success of this collaborative educational venture between China and foreign entities. She underscored the necessity of bolstering tangible cooperation between both parties, drawing in exceptional international talent, and aiding in Chongqing's growth as a premier inland hub of openness.

    Anthony Preston, the British Consul-General in Chongqing, applauded the official launch of the Joint Institute, articulating his anticipation that the partnership between the two universities will serve as a benchmark for collaboration between the amiable cities of Chongqing and Leicester. He also emphasized the potential this alliance holds for fostering further exchanges and collaborations between China and the UK in the realms of education and research.

    Speaking on behalf of CQMU, Qin Zhengjie extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests in attendance. He underscored the university's dedication to globalizing education and promoting foreign exchange and collaboration. The partnership between the two institutions will focus on the amalgamation of top-tier medical education resources and progressive experiences, with the goal of establishing the "Chongqing Medical Brand" in the sphere of Sino-foreign cooperative medical education and contributing to the growth of the "Chongqing Brand" in Sino-foreign joint education.

    Nishan Canagarajah, President of the University of Leicester, delivered a speech via video message, offering sincere congratulations on the historic moment of the official unveiling of the Joint Institute. He extended heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the cooperation between the two universities and expressed his optimism for further deepening collaboration and creating a promising future together.

    Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester Thompson Robinson conveyed gratitude on behalf of the university for the robust support from the Chinese Ministry of Education and other authorities for the Joint Institute. He emphasized that through this collaboration, the University of Leicester and CQMU will collaborate to nurture globally-minded medical professionals and pioneer various cooperation models, including research partnerships. Their collective goal is to foster mutual development and enhance human health outcomes.

    CQMU President Huang Ailong presided over the ceremony and provided attendees with an overview of the origins and evolution of the Joint Institute. He emphasized the long-standing partnership between CQMU and the University of Leicester, noting that the establishment of the Joint Institute represents a significant achievement in their ongoing collaboration.

    Tian Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the University Party Committee and Vice President, announced the "Letter from the Ministry of Education on Approving the Establishment of the CQMU-University of Leicester Joint Institute."

    Vice Mayor Zhang Guozhi, Secretary Liu Yanbing, Consul-General Anthony Preston, Deputy Director Li Mingquan, Deputy Director Lai Hansong, President Deng Rui, Vice-Chancellor Thompson Robinson, Secretary Qin Zhengjie, and President Huang Ailong jointly took the stage to unveil the CQMU-University of Leicester Joint Institute.

    The Clinical Medicine (Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education) program at Chongqing Medical University stands as one of only five programs nationwide that are sanctioned under the existing regulations for Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education. It holds the unique distinction of being the only program of its kind in the central and western regions of China. The Joint Institute is unparalleled in western China as the sole Sino-Foreign cooperative educational institution that bestows clinical degrees jointly conferred by Chinese and British universities.

    Our partner university, the University of Leicester, holds its own on the global stage. In the 2023 Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS), it was placed 20th worldwide in Clinical Medicine. Moreover, it shares the honor of being the 2nd highest ranked in the UK for research quality, according to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF).

    In 2018, the "Clinical Medicine Undergraduate Program," a collaborative effort between Chongqing Medical University and the University of Leicester, gained approval from the Ministry of Education, marking the establishment of the sole Sino-foreign cooperative Clinical Medicine program in the western region. This program entails dual registration at both universities upon enrollment. Upon successful completion, students are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Medicine, an undergraduate diploma in Clinical Medicine from Chongqing Medical University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Sciences from the University of Leicester. The program welcomed its inaugural batch of 115 students in 2020 and has been running seamlessly for four years, with the pioneer group experiencing a year of education in the UK.

    In May 2024, a landmark decision was made by the Ministry of Education to greenlight the "CQMU-University of Leicester Joint Institute." This unique Sino-foreign collaborative educational institution, located in the heartland of western and central China, specializes in medicine with a particular focus on Clinical Medicine programs. This approval represents a significant watershed moment in the evolution of medical education cooperation in western China.