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    Secretary Qin Visits Japan and ROK


    Invited by Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan and Ming Chi University in the Republic of Korea (ROK),  Party Secretary, Qin Zhengjie, led a delegation on an academic exchange and cooperation visit to both nations.

    During their Japanese leg of the trip, Secretary Qin Zhengjie and his delegation visited Osaka University and NAIST. They engaged in dialogue about the universities' pioneering efforts in discipline development, research innovation, and talent cultivation. With a keen interest in fostering robust cooperation with Japanese universities, they aimed to enhance educational and research collaborations, as well as technology transfers. This paves the way for broader inter-university partnerships and propels international cooperation forward.

    While visiting Ming Chi University in the ROK, Secretary Qin and his team held insightful discussions with Vice President Sun Jungwon (선정원), who is responsible for teaching, International Office Director Lee Ting-guo (이정국), and other key personnel. Both parties reached a consensus on future collaborations in research and teaching, with a specific focus on areas like public health, life sciences, and biomedical engineering.

    In the presence of representatives from both universities, Secretary Qin Zhengjie and Vice President Sun Jungwon (선정원) penned a memorandum of cooperation, thereby solidifying a robust foundation for future comprehensive exchanges and collaboration.

    The delegation also paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy in the ROK. Here, they engaged in detailed discussions with Minister-Counsellor Ai Hongge and officials from the Education Office. Minister-Counsellor Ai Hongge warmly welcomed the CQMU delegation, expressing readiness to assist the university in forging ties with more medical universities in the ROK to promote mutual growth.

    This visit has fortified our university's relationships with institutions in Japan and the ROK, laying a solid foundation for future personnel exchanges, reciprocal visits, and research collaborations with globally acclaimed universities. Moreover, it has amplified CQMU's outreach and visibility in Japan and the ROK, significantly boosting our university's international influence.