Outstanding Alumni

Deng Mingyu



Professor Deng Mingyu is an alumnus of the class of 1979 in First Medical Department of Chongqing Medical University.

He is now the professor and doctoral tutor of the American College of East-West Health Science,Executive Committee of the United Nations NGO Psychological Alliance, Fellow of the International College of Psychosomatics (ICPM), Executive Committee of the American Psychosomatic Society(APS),Director of the American Society of Psychological Sciences (APS),President of the International Association of Chinese Medical Specialists & Psychologists(IACMSP), Vice President of the Asian AEP Association(AEAP). Chairman of the International Chinese Society of Applied Psychology, Chairman of the International Association of Chinese Psychologists, Editor-in-chief of theInternational Chinese Journal of Applied Psychology, executive editor of theChinese Journal of Health Psychology, and editorial director of theChinese Journal of Brain and Behavioral Science.

Professor Deng has been working in clinical and consulting psychology, psychosomatic medicine and human sexology for 36 years since 1984. He is a productive researcher with more than 70 monographs (written and translated) and more than 400 papers published. His main monographs in psychology are as follows:Medical Psychology, Life Counseling Manual, Encyclopedia of Psychological Counseling, Guide to Psychotherapy, Counseling Psychology - Psychological Counseling, Psychological Tests, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychosomatic Medicine, Applied Psychology Tutorials, Introduction to Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Disaster Mental Health Manual, Disaster Psychology, Psychological First Aid Handbook, Sexual Psychology, Psychiatry,etc.