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College of Pharmacy -- DONG Zhi



Name: Dong Zhi

Gender: Male

Title: Professor of Pharmacology (National Second-level Professor)

Position: Former Vice President of Chongqing Medical University, Secretary of Party Committee of Children's Hospital, Director of Chongqing Key Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.



E-mail: 13508393231@163.com

Address: School of Pharmacy, Chongqing Medical University, No. 1 Medical College Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

Tel :+ 86-13508393231


The major of undergraduate education is clinical medicine, the major of master's degree and doctoral degree is neuropharmacology, and the degree of medical Doctor is obtained. He once studied at the National Institute of Higher Education Administration of the Ministry of Education, the "Second Training Course on Operation and Management of Higher Education" of Peking University, and worked as a senior visiting scholar at the Laboratory of Pharmacology of the University of Paris V, France.



Doctor of Medicine degree, Chongqing Medical University stress teaching and research Department deputy director, vice president of the School of Pharmacy, Chongqing Medical University Assistant president and director of the Department of Pharmacy, Chongqing Medical University Vice president, Chongqing Medical University Affiliated Children's Hospital Party secretary, currently professor of pharmacology of Chongqing Medical University (national second-level professor). He is also the director of Chongqing Key Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. He has long served as the vice chairman of the Clinical Medical Education Research Association of the National Higher Medical Education Association and a member of the Pharmaceutical Education Reference Committee of the Ministry of Education. At present, he serves as the director of Chinese Pharmacology, the director of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society, the member of the Medical Expert Committee of the self-Examination Committee of the Ministry of Education, the national SFDA health food evaluation expert, the member of the basic Science Group of the Chinese Geriatric Society, the member of the Applied Pharmacy Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society, the deputy chairman of the Chongqing New Drug Evaluation Committee, and the member of the Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Expert Committee. Senior consultant of Chongqing Pharmaceutical Society, Vice chairman of Chongqing Yuzhong District Science and Technology Association, President of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Association. It has trained more than 100 master's and doctoral students. The main research directions are neuropharmacology, clinical pharmacy, new drug development and medical education management.



He has long been engaged in pharmacology teaching, neurotransmitter and receptor pharmacology research, new drug research and development. He has presided over the Outstanding Youth Fund project of the Ministry of Health, the Provincial and Municipal Education Commission, the Science and Technology Commission, the Chongqing Youth Science and Technology Fund, the National Natural Science Fund, the Major New drug project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the key project of Chongqing Natural Science Fund and the Chongqing Natural Science Fund project.



He was awarded the title of excellent educator by the Ministry of Education. National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Achievement Award, Chongqing education and teaching achievement first prize, second prize and so on.



He is the editorial board member, deputy editor and chief editor of textbooks such as Pharmacology, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Advanced Clinical Pharmacology published by national publishing houses such as People's Medical Publishing House, Higher Education Publishing House, Science Publishing House and Peking University Medical Science and Technology Press. He has published nearly 100 SCI and CSCD papers in the past five years.