About us

Teaching and Research Offices

The college of rehabilitation medicine of Chongqing Medical University was established in 2017, with the teaching and research sections of the college of rehabilitation medicine, mainly responsible for the teaching and research of undergraduates and postgraduates.

The teaching and research of rehabilitation medical college is mainly composed of young and middle-aged teachers, with active academic ideas. At present, there are 2 doctors and 8 masters, all with senior titles.

At present, the teaching and research section is mainly responsible for the theoretical courses and related experimental courses of community rehabilitation and rehabilitation psychology for undergraduate rehabilitation students. At the same time, we enroll postgraduates majoring in rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy.

As a newly established college, the college of rehabilitation medicine has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects in the past three years, including 7 national, provincial and ministerial projects, and published more than 30 papers and trained 17 master students.