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College of Laboratory Medicine

College of Laboratory Medicine was established in November 1983. It currently offers a doctoral program in clinical laboratory diagnostics (national key discipline) and two master’s  programs in clinical laboratory diagnostics and medical technology.

The college has five teaching and research sections, with 25 professors (19 doctoral supervisprs) and 12 associate professors. 70% of the faculty members have Ph.D. degrees and 40% of the teachers are under the age of 45. The high-caliber faculty includes the former chairman of the Medical Laboratory Research Association of the National Institute of Higher Medical Education, the Deputy Director of the Medical Technology Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, a chair professor, one expert enjoying the State Council Special Allowance, one expert of the New Century Excellent Professional Program of the Ministry of Education, two "Bayu Scholar" special-term professors, three Chongqing Academic and Technology Leaders and three back-up candidates, one Chongqing Outstanding Contribution Expert, two Chongqing Outstanding Teachers and one National Model Teacher, etc.

Chongqing Medical University was among the earliest universities authorized to grant master and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics in China. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of the university is the only National Key Discipline in this field. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of the university was rated as a National Key Discipline (the only national discipline in this field) in 2002 and 2007. The laboratory of College of Laboratory is the earliest Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education in this field and has been successively rated as Chongqing Key Laboratory, Chongqing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the Innovation Team of Higher Education Institutions in Chongqing, and the Experimental Zone of Municipal Professional Training Model Innovation of Higher Education Institutions in Chongqing. Among 130 universities that offer laboratory medicine education in China, Chongqing Medical University has always been among the top.

As the Key Laboratory of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of the Ministry of Education, the College combines clinical disease research with new biochemical methods for disease detection to actively promote the transformation of research results. In the past five years, the research teams of the college have presided over hundreds of research topics including those from the National Natural Science Foundation and the National and Municipal Key Research Projects, published numerous SCI papers in international journals like Nature Communications, obtained dozens of patents and won several Chongqing Natural Science Award.

The College has successfully held the first Sino-German Symposium, the International Laboratory Medicine Symposium, the Microfluidics Technology and Laboratory Medicine Application Development Forum, the Chongqing Oncology Frontier Forum and other important international conferences.

Chinese website link: https://jyx.cqmu.edu.cn/