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College of Medical Informatics

College of Medical Informatics was designated as the Chongqing Talent Training Mode Innovation Experimental Zone for big-data and artificial intelligence and Big-data and Artificial Intelligence New Secondary College Construction Unit.The College focuses on cutting-edge data intelligence technology and medical science intergration, radiating its influence to the southwestern China and serving people in health and medical industry in China. The college now has three disciplines for undergraduates, including Information Management and Information System, Medical Information Engineering, and Intelligent Medical Engineering. Among them, Information Management and Information System was approved as a first-class professional discipline for undergraduates in Chongqing in 2019, and Medical Information Engineering and Intelligent Medical Engineering arethe intelligent medicine characteristic subject in Chongqing. The College now recruits students for master's and doctoral programs and to carry out research in Clinical Big Data and Internet Medical Care, Biomedical Sensors and Flexible Wearable Devices, and Health Communication and Promotion. The college recruits about 150 students each year.

The College employs more than 50 full-time and part-time teachers at present. Among them, 2 are full-time doctoral supervisors, 19 are supervisors for masters and 26 are senior teachers. In addition, the college also employs part-time teachers from high-level enterprises in artificial intelligence and big data field. Faculty members of the college undertakes over 30 research projects in national, provincial and ministerial levels, and serves as editor-in-chief or co-editor for more than 50 textbooks.

The College has built over 30 teaching and practice bases together with affiliated hospitals of our university and with enterprises related to medical and health information in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing. It owns a modern experimental teaching center of 3,500 square meters in size with the theme of "Lighting up Intelligent Medicine". It is equipped with first-class hospital information management system in China, electronic medical record system, medical virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data analysis platform, and health information intelligent collection system and so on to support the teaching and innovative experiment of medical big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing and other courses.

In 2017, the College established a Medical Data Science Academy, launched Chongqing Engineering Research Center for Clinical Big-data and drug evaluation, gathered more than 40 million electronic medical records from more than 10 medical institutions, and comprehensively supported the construction of the intelligent medicine discipline and the cultivation of "New Medical Science" talents.