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College of Pharmacy

Established in 2006, the College of Pharmacy (CPCQMU) is one of the most influential pharmacy schools in western China, offering a group of pharmacy-related disciplines that encompasses contemporary pharmaceutical sciences and drug discovery. It is authorized to confer doctoral and master’s degrees in seven academic majors (medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy, microbiology, and biochemistry). CPCQMU is committed to educating and training high-level professionals in pharmaceutical research.

CPCQMU consists of six academic departments (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Clinical Pharmacy and Chemistry). The College has established seven technology platforms to provide technical support for drug design, screening, preparation, evaluation, and application.

CPCQMU manages a comprehensive professional system to develop professionals through undergraduate, postgraduate, full-time, and continuing education. Since 2016, the College has been the top 1% on ESI Global Ranking in the Pharmacology and Toxicology. The study of Pharmacy was selected as the first-class discipline in Chongqing in 2017 and accredited as the key discipline of Chongqing since 2000. CPCQMU is ranked stop 30 ~ 40% of China (B- grade) in the China University Subject Rankings (CUSR). It has about 800 undergraduate and 300 graduate students.

CPCQMU emphasizes the importance of building a high-caliber faculty team. It has a staff of 107 people, including 27 professors and 38 associate professors. Among them, 58 teachers possess a doctoral degree. Several professors are serving in a few academic organizations such as the Teaching Guiding Committee for Pharmacy Majors under the Ministry of Education, the Chongqing Pharmaceutical Association, and the Chongqing Pharmacist Association, etc..

Additionally, CPCQMU has been awarded about 30 projects a year with funding exceeding 5.5 million Yuan. The annual publication of SCI papers averages more than 70 with an average impact factor of more than 4.0. Furthermore, through the implementation of national research programs, the ability of CPCQMU to innovate and compete has been constantly enhanced to maintain its unique superiority in neuropsychiatric drugs, antineoplastic drugs, inflammatory drugs, and nano drugs.

CPCQMU is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for pharmaceutical research, including the 600 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrophotometers, high performance liquid chromatography, laser scanning confocal microscope, flow cytometry, high content cell analyzer, etc. These instruments not only provide technical support for research and teaching at the College but also sample test service and technical training to the society.

CPCQMU has extensive cooperation and communication with international universities, research institutions, and pharmaceutical enterprises. On annual basis, it invites speakers from reputable overseas universities. It sponsors two to five teachers on short-term or long-term training abroad.

CPCQMU has hosted large events such as the “2018 Chongqing International Forum on Chemotherapy Drugs”.

Website link: https://yxy.cqmu.edu.cn/