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College of Sports Medicine

     The College of Sports Medicine of Chongqing Medical University was established in January 2017 and was transformed from the previous Sports Service Department. The college is a newly built college in response to a call for national health and to meet the needs of todays medical and health care development. The college plays a role in cultivating professionals in sports medicine and serving the society. It is the first college of sports medicine in China.

    The college now owns 33 faculties, with 25 of them are exclusively for teaching. And of these faculties, 1 teacher is a supervisor for masters in sports medicine. In this college, there are 1 professor, 16 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 1 assistant teacher; 23 of these faculties have obtained their master degree. In addition, the college has 3 national judges, 16 first-class national judges, 1 national fitness first-class instructor and 21 lifeguards. The college has a strong faculty team to deliver all the P.E classes, undertake sports team training and other affairs concerning sports in the university.