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College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chongqing Medical University was formed in 2001. Its predecessor was Chongqing Training School of Traditional Chinese Medicine established by the Ministry of Health of Southwest Military and Political Commission in 1951. It was praised as "Huangpu of traditional Chinese medicine" by Mr. Hu Ximing, then the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many famous Chinese medicine experts, such as Lu Zhijun, Ren Yingqiu, Wu Zhaoxian, Ran Xuefeng, Hu Guangci and Shen Zhongkui, have taught and worked in the school.

The college has 1 doctor degree authorization point (traditional Chinese Medicine), and 2 master degree authorization points (traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine); 5 undergraduate majors of general higher education; 1 provincial key laboratory (Chongqing Key Laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine for the prevention and cure of metabolic diseases); 1 provincial popular science base (Chinese Medical Culture Center of Chongqing Medical University).

At present, the college has 11 teaching and research departments, 78 teachers,1 Chongqing Celebrated Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert; 3 Chongqing academic and technological leaders; 5 doctoral supervisors and 23 master supervisors. The college has more than 2300 undergraduate students and 100 postgraduates.

In recent five years, the college has obtained more than 140 scientific research projects; published more than 520 academic papers; obtained 9 provincial and department level scientific research achievements; published 40 academic monographs and 1 translation book; obtained 18 teaching research projects; published more than 70 teaching papers; has 1 network video open course, 1 Chongqing excellent course, 1 Chongqing postgraduate advantage course; authored more than 60 textbooks of higher traditional Chinese medicine.