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Bachelor Program

About the program 

The Chongqing Medical University(CQMU)- University of Leicester(UoL) Bachelor’s Programme of Clinical Medicine was formally approved as a Joint Education Programme (JEP) in January 2018 with the approval of the China Ministry of Education. This distinctive JEP between CQMU and UoL will be the only approved Sino-foreign cooperative education project in CLINICAL MEDICINE in western China.

Award of degrees 

Students are required to meet the degree granting standards of both universities and shall, upon graduation, be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Medicine from CQMU and a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Sciences from UoL.

Ambition and aims of the JEP

The purpose of the JEP is to advance the exchange of culture, language and clinical medicine education methodology, between China and the United Kingdom, promoting the development of education in both countries and facilitating academic collaboration between CQMU and the UoL.

This programme is an exciting Dual Award programme, which aims to cultivate registered medical practitioners, equipped with a broad knowledge base in the fundamentals of clinical and medicine and sciences, alongside practical skills, understanding and experience.


1. The programme will provide students with the opportunity to study clinical medicine alongside gaining a foundation in traditional laboratory and research skills.

2. In addition to generic transferrable skills, and a strong foundation in the basic clinical medicine, students will also complete foundation laboratory and research skills and develop these in year four by the completion of a group analytical research project at UoL.

3. Students are officially registered to CQMU and UoL simultaneously, and have full access to library, learning and other academic resources.

4. The academic courses are taught and assessed in English by academic staff from the UK and China, integrating an English Language course within the first year of each five-year degree.

5. The programme will be delivered predominantly at CQMU,taught collaboratively by both UoL staff from the College of Life Sciences and CQMU staff.

6. Clinical aspects of the curriculum will be taught and assessed in Chinese and English, within an appropriate Chinese Healthcare Environment.