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Bachelor Program

The hospital offers 10 groups of courses as follows: introduction to clinical medicine, hospital information system, nursing, early clinical, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, medical imaging, hospital management, etc. It provides theoretical and practical courses such as introduction to clinical medicine, hospital information system, early contact with clinic, etc. It admits annually more than 100 interns who major in nursing, psychiatry, medical imaging, clinical pharmacy, medical laboratory and management.

Among the teaching courses, "early contact with clinic" is designed by the hospital itself, aiming at improving the comprehensive quality and practical ability of medical students, and practicing "early clinical, multi clinical and repeated clinical"elements of the medical education reform. Through experiential teaching in the outpatient department, emergency department and visits to patients’ward, junior medical undergraduates acquire a basic understanding of medical knowledge, hospital structure and operation, and medical activities before learning clinical professional knowledge in the classrooms, so as to clear up doubts and lay a solid foundation for students' future professional study.